Building a Better World

FaithLife Financial Members blend faith and finances - living balanced and generous lives to strengthen families, churches and communities. Each time a Member pays a premium for a FaithLife Financial insurance plan, a portion of the premium is given back through Member-directed community outreach. For over 40 years, FaithLife Financial has been reinvesting a portion of our profits toward the causes our Members care about!

Our Members are devoted to Christian, professional, charitable and social activities in Canada and around the world. Between 1972 and 2015, FaithLife Financial has given over $16 million (excluding the value of volunteer hours) with a combined Outreach & Impact of nearly $44 million*. Together we are supporting vital charitable causes to build a better world.

Read more about our 2015 Outreach & Impact.

*This includes Member-sponsored funds, FaithLife Financial contributions and the value of volunteer hours calculated with a rate recommended by the Canadian Center for Philanthropy.